Patient Referral

Need to refer a patient to our office? More information can be found below.

Submit Required Documents by Fax and Secure Your Appointment with Consultants in Infectious Disease.

Referral Process:

Please FAX the following information to (402) 489-8492 or (402) 489-1545

  • Completed referral form
  • Recent and pertinent office visit notes
  • Labs relating to the referral diagnosis
  • Diagnostic imaging reports relating to referral diagnosis
  • Current medication list and allergies
  • Demographic information with insurance card

Once all of the information listed above has been received, the referral will be reviewed and we will call the patient to schedule an appointment with a Provider at Consultants in Infectious Disease.

Fax: (402) 489-8492
Fax: (402) 489-1545